Pike on the Fly

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November 12, 2014

Tying the Northern Magic “Lite”


This is an “updated” version of my old standby pattern.  I had a lot of trouble trying to decide on a name.  I wanted to keep most of the original name to reflect the pattern that was the basis for the new fly, so I just added the “Lite” tag, because flies tied in this style sink slower.  (hence lighter?)  Name aside, this fly was awesome this summer. I think the rattle was a big part of that effectiveness.  Still a fairly simple tie, like most of my patterns.

Whip up a couple and go get some…


November 7, 2014

Monster Pike Crushes My Fly Boat-side!



This video is actually titled “Giant Pike Strike On The Fly” and it was some of my very first GoPro footage.  The edit was done by M Lembke for the Wollaston Lake Lodge YouTube channel, so there is a little bit of promotional material.  The video was pretty decent, but a polarizing filter would have made a huge difference.  Still, a pretty cool clip.


November 2, 2014

Adding Rattles to your Pike Patterns

I have been playing with rattles recently, and I was not happy with most of the methods I had seen for attaching the rattle to the hook shank.  After some experimentation, I discovered that standard paracord was just the right size for the glass rattles I was using.  In addition, it is easy to find, comes in pretty much any colour you could want, it’s easy to attach to the hook, and seems to be very durable.

A few of my upcoming patterns incorporate rattles, so rather than repeating this procedure each time, I will just refer you to this video.


October 27, 2014

Tying a Rabbit Strip Streamer

This is another super effective, easy to tie pike pattern.  It is hard to argue with the success of the Bunny Fly!